Xfloat has developed a proprietary, precision-engineered technology for floating solar PV providing significantly higher performance, cost efficiency and durability Xfloat focuses on the i) design of the FPV plant according to its technology, ii) mounting and assembly of the structure and tracking systems and iii) implementation of the tailor-made AI software. In addition, Xfloat offers […]


In light of the new climate-change economics, solar fields grow larger in volume and size, and maintenance is becoming cost-prohibitive while technologies are lagging behind. Today, solar plants are losing billions in production losses and OPEX caused by inefficient maintenance practices using outdated technologies while parallel industries s.e agriculture and warehouse logistics are adopting automation. […]

Nofar energy

Nofar is a global leader in renewable energy investments. Since 2020, Nofar has been a publicly traded company. For the last 12 years, Nofar has been growing rapidly and consistently, with an extensive portfolio of projects and subsidiaries across 7 territories, 200+ employees worldwide, and major renewable energy and energy storage projects portfolio.


SolarGik's mission is to unlock the potential of solar energy by solving the industry's biggest challenges – intermittency, reliability, predictability and flexible production and distribution. SolarGik offers smart PV tracker solutions that are modular, configurable, lightweight, and easy to install and maintain, which provide 20-25% more energy production than fixed-tilt panels. Our trackers can be […]


enSights developed a SaaS asset management platform for renewable energy, storage, and EV that directly connects to your existing assets, providing effective cross-vendor portfolio management. Using big data, AI, and ML algorithms it provides deep anomaly detection with real-time alerts and insights, maintenance & SLA tracking, revenue, expenses, and generation tracking, advanced & automated reporting, […]


Sunsa energy was established in 2012 and since then became a leading renewable energy project development company in Israel.

Ormat Systems LTD.

At Ormat Technologies we’re always on; delivering renewable power and energy solutions to our customers around the clock and around the world, Since 1965. Clean, reliable energy solutions provided from geothermal power, recovered energy, as well as energy storage solutions, is our expertise, commitment and focus. Ormat has harnessed nature’s renewable energy for over five […]

AR Challenges Ltd

AR Challenges Ltd. And its subsidiaries in the USA, India and UK are bringing many years of specific expertise in Cleantech, W2E , and Alternative Renewable Energy. The company owns several IP titles for inventing, designing and integrating complex systems especially in “Zero Waste” , HBPG (Heat Based Power Generation) and Hybrid W2E solutions. AR […]

Doral Energy

Doral Energy Group [TASE: DORL] is a renewable energy and environmental infrastructure world leader, active in Israel and globally. We are a one-stop-shop for renewable energy, handling the development, funding, building, operating and long-term ownership of renewable energy facilities as well as supplying Green energy. We are globally acknowledged experts in solar energy, energy storage, […]

Girasol Renewable Energy

Girasol is an official partner of leading European companies providing products and services that support Solar PV. The companies we represent are: GreenPowerMoniror: a DNV company providing SCADA/EMS solutions for PV & BESS Utility scale projects. Jurchen Technology: Manufacturer of ground mounted PEG revolutionary PV system. Sitemark: Aerial thermography analytics platform developer. Girasol is the […]