MindoLife is a leading company in the world of IoT, providing IoT infrastructure solutions for enterprise applications. Based on a unique intelligent building automation platform, Mindolife’s easy‐to‐use secured and smart infrastructure systems enable IoT integrators to connect and configure devices within their building or industry effortlessly. Proven success in Making the building’s HVAC system energy […]


EV Meter is an innovative electric vehicle charging technologies company. We facilitate the shift toward a future in which transportation is clean, emission-free, and accessible to all through cutting-edge EV charging technologies

Foresight Energy LTD

We're an Israeli AI software company enabling companies to manage the energy transition The decentralization and decarbonization of the energy industry created volatile and unpredictable energy markets that makes it difficult for companies to operate and trade effectively. Fsight solution is a data platform that accurately predicts load, generation and market prices, and is used […]