GenCell Energy

GenCell Energy (TASE: GNCL) develops total green power solutions based on reliable, zero-emission alkaline fuel cells, hydrogen, ammonia and water-to-power technologies that deliver uninterrupted power to help the world #SayNoToDiesel and transition to clean energy. The ability to produce not only clean power from GenCell’s fuel cells, but also the green fuel on which the […]


HYDRONES is a forward-thinking technology company that specializes in the development of innovative hydrogen drones with a power output of 5000 watts, designed to stay in the air for up to 150 minutes with a payload of 25 kilos. The company’s team of software integration and engineering experts bring a wealth of experience to the […]


Based on an academic breakthrough in the Technion by Prof. Lilac Amirav, QDSOL's technology utilizes the process of photocatalytic water splitting, which is a kind of artificial photosynthesis process. Using our special nanoparticles, known as photocatalysts, in combination with sunlight, enables us to have a direct solar to hydrogen process – providing elegant solution which […]

Hydro X Ltd.

Hydro X has developed a disruptive hydrogen storage technology which enables to store and transport hydrogen in a green, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive, cost and energy-efficient carrier, unlocking the hydrogen era.​


Maygia is bringing to market a technology that will lower the cost and carbon emissions of treating industrial wastewater and provide a new solution for turning salty and contaminated water into drinking water using hydrogen as the energy source. Maygia's solution is essentially a box that replaces the old electricity consuming boxes. Our box is […]


Purammon develops, and sells electro-chemical technologies and systems 1. for industrial wastewater treatment (e.g. ammonia removal) 2. hydrogen production 3. simultaneous wastewater treatment and hydrogen production from wastewater. We have customers that use our systems in Israel and abroad. We are looking for partners to pilot test our newest green hydrogen technology and to scale-up […]

Doral Hydrogen

Doral hydrogen established the first project of green hydrogen in Israel in cooperation with H2pro with the support of the minister of energy of Israel. In addition, we develop the first green ammonia project in Israel. Doral group (via Doral-tec) invests in 2 startups of green hydrogen electrolysis (H2PRO, VERAGDY) and spurt research in the […]