IXDen introduces novel software for OT systems protection, covering Industrial IoT cybersecurity and sensor data integrity. Leveraging patented 'biometric' IoT device identity and multifactor authentication, IXDen achieves the highest sensor data integrity on a sensor level, providing at-the-source threat detection. IXDen leverages proprietary behavioral and mathematical algorithms, statistics, Machine Learning and AI to model the […]


Gadfin's UAV platform, engineered from the ground up by Israel’s top aerospace industry experts, enjoys a sustainable advantage based on solid IP in aerodynamics solutions for drag decrease, patented folding wings mechanism, an integrated hydrogen fuel cell system, enabling unmatched flight range, and advanced safety systems.


ElectriWall Product and Program is to develop and implement wide acceptance of BIPV by using its unique Solar Thin Films for buildings walls – not for windows but for usual walls of (high-rise) buildings. Our films are very efficient and inexpensive at manufacturing. We intend to install our PV systems first in the new high-rise […]