nT-Tao Compact Fusion Power

nT-Tao is building a compact fusion reactor that will generate 10-20 MW of electricity. The reactor is highly scalable and will be about the size of a shipping container, ensuring clean fusion energy wherever needed. nT-Tao’s unique solution relies on a proprietary plasma heating method which is expected to reach 1000 times higher density than […]


The Brighterge solution is driven by unique innovative optimization algorithms and state of the art automation systems converting the cost of charging infrastructure into profit while reducing investment risks. Brightmerge aims to rapidly create accurate, customized (each customer receives personalized price) pricing estimates (monthly/annual) based on historical and planned actual route data from telemetry systems […]

Ralco Energy

אלקו אנרגיה החלה את דרכה בשנת 2004 כחברה ליבוא פאנלים סולאריים וכיזמית פרוייקטים בתחום הסולאר. כבר בתחילת הדרך זיהתה החברה את הפוטנציאל הגלום בשוק הסולארי שהיה אז עוד בחיתוליו. מאז ועד היום סיפקה החברה לא מעט פאנלים בארץ והשוק השתנה וצמח ללא היכר. מאז הקמתה וכחלק מהאסטרטגיה העסקית שלה, ראלקו אנרגיה מאמינה ומקפידה על בחירה […]


GreenDay AI is a cutting-edge, AI-based chat interface, that helps solar PV owners and energy storage to maximize their revenue and increase system and battery lifetime. With accurate prediction models, AI-learning, and unit-level diagnostics, GreenDay AI revolutionizes solar PV and battery monitoring.


OASIX develops infrastructure solutions for off-grid businesses such as: Hotels, camping & glamping, festivals, construction sites, military and energy communities. The product is a mobile container-based utility that provides water, energy and sewage treatment by recirculating resources in closed-loop, turning your businesses into a zero-carbon, self-sufficient circular economy. OASIX technology maximizes both energy efficiency, and […]

Zeus Renewables

Zeus Renewables offers solutions from the initial development stage at an early stage to operational projects. The company currently develops and manages projects in collaboration with leading Australian financial partners, and energy companies. Zeus Renewables operates in the manufacturing of wind turbines, photovoltaic projects and storage solutions. Zeus Renewables, operating in Australia since 2019, complies […]

Enova Energy

Enova Energy is a green energy suppliers and offers EV charging services

Wevo Energy

Wevo Energy is solving the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging challenges of apartment buildings, workplaces and commercial centers, where there is not enough energy for everyone to charge at the same time. Our software solution manages any standard charger and uses machine-learning and advanced scheduling algorithms to build an optimal charging plan, rewarding drivers for charging […]