ElectriWall develops Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic (BIPV) systems, based on its unique Solar Thin Films for buildings walls – not for windows but for usual walls of (high-rise) buildings. ElectriWall technology has has the following advantages over state-of-the-art: • Efficiency of 28%. • Low manufacturing costs due to the use of low-grade or recycled silicon. • […]


RECIV is a cutting-edge investment marketplace connecting energy developers with investors to create a sustainable future. The platform allows everyone to profit directly from renewable energy projects, providing a unique opportunity to invest in the clean energy transition. RECIV's technology is based on energy-as-a-service (EaaS) which uses both traditional arrangements such as energy performance contracts […]

volta solar

Volta Solar works to accelerate the shift towards sustainable-renewable solar energy with beautifully integrated and affordable solar rooftops.

NetZero Technology Ventures

NetZero is shaping the future of ClimaTech through a global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors and industry partners. Founded in 2022 through the Israeli Innovation Authority’s Incubator Program, Netzero's incubator harnesses the global reach of its key stakeholders with the innovation of its local teams in Israel. In addition to empowering our portfolio companies through capital […]

Advice Electronics ltd

Advice is a worldwide leader in design, development and manufacturing of power products and solutions. Established in 1988 Advice brings over 30 years of experience, Certified for ISO9001 and AS9100 . Advice products and solutions are known for their high quality and reliability are Complies with international standards such as TUV, UL, CSA and Medical […]

Golan Solar LTD

Cunducting and managing solar energy projects. The company eam is well known as a professional and most experienced in all aspects of renewable energy, especially in: Rooftops solar systems, Ground-mounted sustems, Floating systems, Fencing systems, Agri-Voltaic systems and Storage. The company also provides Monitoring services for slar systems by its plant control room whitch is […]


Xfloat has developed a proprietary, precision-engineered technology for floating solar PV providing significantly higher performance, cost efficiency and durability Xfloat focuses on the i) design of the FPV plant according to its technology, ii) mounting and assembly of the structure and tracking systems and iii) implementation of the tailor-made AI software. In addition, Xfloat offers […]


In light of the new climate-change economics, solar fields grow larger in volume and size, and maintenance is becoming cost-prohibitive while technologies are lagging behind. Today, solar plants are losing billions in production losses and OPEX caused by inefficient maintenance practices using outdated technologies while parallel industries s.e agriculture and warehouse logistics are adopting automation. […]

Nofar energy

Nofar is a global leader in renewable energy investments. Since 2020, Nofar has been a publicly traded company. For the last 12 years, Nofar has been growing rapidly and consistently, with an extensive portfolio of projects and subsidiaries across 7 territories, 200+ employees worldwide, and major renewable energy and energy storage projects portfolio.


SolarGik's mission is to unlock the potential of solar energy by solving the industry's biggest challenges – intermittency, reliability, predictability and flexible production and distribution. SolarGik offers smart PV tracker solutions that are modular, configurable, lightweight, and easy to install and maintain, which provide 20-25% more energy production than fixed-tilt panels. Our trackers can be […]